Deadline for registration & abstract submission is
May 10, 2015



It is our great pleasure to invite you to the XXVI Paulo Foundation Symposium entitled “From Atomic Structures to Disease Mechanisms” at Helsinki Congress Paasitorni.

Our rationale for this symposium is both scientific and clinical. Scientifically, understanding the molecular details of energy metabolism is fundamental to our understanding of life. Clinically, brain diseases affect a large number of people, and yet therapeutic approaches are limited. Recent advances in structural
biology and biophysics, especially in receptors and their signalling, will now allow, in principle, development of conceptually novel drugs that could modify disease progression. It is thus critically important to bring people in these areas together to find ways and means to make these breakthroughs.

Built in the first decades of the twentieth century, Helsinki Congress Paasitorni is a unique conference and congress centre in the heart of Helsinki. Paasitorni enjoys a waterfront location in Siltasaari, near Hakaniemi market, and within easy reach of excellent transport links. The building is of great historic value and the premises have been painstakingly restored.

You are cordially invited to participate in the symposium.


Sarah Butcher, co-chair (University of Helsinki)
Leslie Dutton (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Kalervo Hiltunen (University of Oulu)
Hideo Iwai (University of Helsinki)
Kai Kaila (University of Helsinki)
Pertti Panula (University of Helsinki)
Mart Saarma, co-chair (University of Helsinki)
John Walker (MRC-MBU, Cambridge UK)