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Institute of Biotechnology

University of Helsinki

Positions open


Mikko Frilander

Program director, Group leader
tel. +358-2941-59509(Office), +358-2941 59726 (Lab)


Maureen Akinyi

tel. +358-2941 59423
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Ali Oghabian

Graduate student,
tel. +358-2941 59615
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Antto NorppaHelsinki.Fi
Graduate Student,
tel. +358-2941 59615
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Mariia ShcherbiiHelsinki.Fi
Graduate Student,
tel. +358-2941 59615
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Lilli Peltonen

Marja-Leena.PeltonenHelsinki.Fi, (Lilli),
tel. +358-2941 59726




Former group members


Heli Pessa, PhD
Graduated 2010, Thesis: U12-type Spliceosome: Localization and Effects of Splicing Efficiency on Gene Expression
Currently postdoc at University of Helsinki, Finland

Janne Turunen, PhD
Graduated 2012, Thesis: The function and regulation of the U11-48K protein in U12-dependent splicing
Currently Director Technologies at ProQR Therapeutics, Leiden, Netherlands

Elina Niemelš, PhD
Graduated 2014, Thesis: The regulation of U12-dependent splicing and its significance to mRNA stability
Currently postdoc University of Helsinki, Finland

Jouni Kvist, PhD
Graduated 2014, Thesis: Functional genomics of the Glanville fritillary butterfly
Currently postdoc University of Birmingham, UK

Jens Verbeeren, PhD
Graduated 2016, Thesis: Regulation of the minor spliceosome through alternative splicing and nuclear retention of the U11/U12-65K mRNA
Currently postdoc University of Helsinki, Finland

Bhupendra Verma, PhD
Postdoc 2011-2017
Currently Assistant Professor, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India