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Viikki Biocenter

Institute of Biotechnology

University of Helsinki

529232: mRNA processing in eukaryotes

Time: 18.1. - 29.2. 2016 - Completed. Next time 2018.

Place: Biocenter 3, auditorium 2402 (Telkänpönttö)

Lecturer: Doc. Mikko Frilander, Institute of Biotechnology

Required background information: BSc in genetics, biochemisty or a similar field. Basic understanding of eukaryotic gene expression (transcription, translation etc), and cellular and molecular biology is strongly recommended

Contents: In the past recent years the importance of post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression in eukaryotic systems has been widely recognized but due to fast pace of discovery in the field, the standard textbooks are mostly outdated on these subjects. This advanced lecture series aims to fill the gap and will concentrate on the mechanisms and regulation of mRNA processing in eukaryotic cells. The main focus is on the molecular machines involved in mRNA processing (such pre-mRNA splicing, polyadenylation, capping and editing). Further topics are mechanisms and regulation of alternative pre-mRNA splicing, mechanisms and regulations of alternative polyadenylation, mRNA quality control (esp. nonsense mediated decay), translation and translational control, regulation of gene expression by small RNAs and the coupling of mRNA processing with other processes along gene expression pathway.

Evaluation: Examination. NB! only two chances to pass the examination

Scale: 0-5


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Mon 18.1.Gene structure, transcription, capping
Wed 20.1.snRNA view on splicing
Mon 25.1.Proteins in the spliceosome
Wed 27.1.Alternative splicing
Mon 1.2.3' end formation and editing
Wed 3.2.Nuclear structure and mRNA export
Mon 8.2.Translation + translational control
Wed 10.2.mRNA stability, localisation and quality control
Mon 15.2.Noncoding RNAs
Wed 17.2.miRNA regulation
Mon 22.2.mRNA processing and human disease
Wed 24.2.Lumberjack break: No lecture
Mon 29.2.Overview and summary, questions, discussion

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Access to lecture notes requires username + password that will be provided immediately prior the start of the lectures to the registered students.

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Examination: Tuesday 8.3. 12:00-14:00, Info building, Info 1. RESULTS

Examination (Retake): Tuesday 10.5. 12:00 - 14:00. Info building, Info 1. RESULTS