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Viikki Campus Bioinformatics infrastructure

Bioinformatics infrastructure consists of hardware, systems administration, service provision (by web servers and human experts), and R&D. The unit of Bioinformatics infrastructure at the Viikki Campus is a virtual umbrella organization, initiated by a node of the Biocenter Finland (BF) Bioinformatics network, to coordinate the maintanance and efficient use of the existing bioinformantics infrastructure and plan for the future investments on this area. The BF Bioinformatics network has been in operation since 2010 and it has so far supported hardware updates, setting up new services for genome annotation, and systems administration / R&D staff within the unit. The network has coordinated activities with other networks in Biocenter Finland, serving a wide variety of users nationwide and partly also worldwide.

Bioscience research (including genomics, proteomics and microscopy) is increasingly data driven requiring not only computing and storage capacity but also people with know-how of bioinformatics and statistical analysis as well as cutting-edge methods development. The unit of Bioinformatics infrastructure manages and operates computing facilities hosted at different research groups and core facilities at the Viikki Campus and provides data analysis services to external users. The services provided at the Institute of Biotechonology include structural analysis, genome annotation, comparative analysis and various data analyses; the services at Neuroscience Center include quantification of neuronal interactions, dynamics, and connectome maps. The unit also works to raise awareness of computational approaches, e.g. through dissemination of training materials.

Research group providing services in bioinformatics include:

A large part of the unit participates in the Biocenter Finland Bioinformatics network:

The unit maintains the Bioinformatics portal for the Viikki Campus: