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State-of-the-art core facilities

The Institute has the-state-of-the-art core facilities, which are shared both locally as well as nationally as part of Biocenter Finland and are also popular among enterprises in the life sciences area.

Structural biology

Finnish Biological NMR Center and Protein Crystallisation Facility are Biocenter Finland national facilities for Structural biology. All BF Structural biology facilities and their services.


Proteomics Unit is Biocenter Finland national facility for Proteomics. All BF Proteomics and metabolomics facilities and their services.

Biological imaging

Institutes imaging facilities are Biocenter Finland national facilities for Biological imaging. All BF Biological imaging facilities and their services.

Genome-wide methods

DNA Sequencing and Genomics Laboratory and Genome Biology Unit are Biocenter Finland national facilities for Genome-wide methods. All BF Genome-wide methods facilities and their services.


A large part of Viikki campus Bioinformatics Infrastructure participates in the Biocenter Finland Bioinformatics network. All BF Bioinformatics facilities and their services.


Hi-Fly provides Drosophila research-related services to support all scientists at the University of Helsinki.

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Other services on Viikki campus

Laboratory Animal Centre

NanoSPECT-CT - In vivo imaging core unit
Biocenter Finland national facility for Biological imaging.

BD FACSAria II Cell Sorter

Biocenter Finland national facility for Stem cells and biomaterials.

Typhoon Scanner