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University of Helsinki Institute of Biotechnology
Institute of Biotechnology
DNA Sequencing and Genomics

Research Director:
Petri Auvinen
☏ +358 (0) 2941 58902
✉ petri.auvinen -at-

Laboratory Engineer:
Lars Paulin
☏ +358 (0) 2941 58887
✉ lars.paulin -at-

Staff members:
✉ bi-dnagen -at-

Viikinkaari 5D
(Biocenter 2, 4th floor)
P.O.Box 56
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

DNA sequencing service

The laboratory has multiple platforms available for DNA sequencing, aiming at providing the best, most cutting-edge combination of sequencing approaches for the varying needs of our customers.

The DNA sequencing service is intended for all customers in universities, research institutes and companies. We are performing both conventional Sanger sequencing and high-throughput sequencing. The source material should be good quality DNA or RNA. Contact petri.auvinen -at- or lars.paulin -at- for more information.

Sequencing order forms:

For Helsinki University network users (Note! Only works via a cable-connected university computer or remote desktop connection at

For clients outside Helsinki University network

Please find more information about our sequencing services by expanding the chapters below.

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Fragment analysis [Show more]

High throughput sequencers [Show more]

Single-cell biology [Show more]

Other instruments [Show more]

Genome projects [Show more]

Computing & informatics [Show more]