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Institute of Biotechnology
Media Kitchen

P.O.Box 56
00014 University of Helsinki

Visiting address: Viikinkaari 9, room 4016, Biocenter 1

Riitta Ihamäki and Johanna Haukanniemi

Tel: +358 2941 59386
E-mail: elatusainelaboratorio [at]

University of Helsinki Business
Identity Code: FI-03134717



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Ordering info

  • Sign and date your orders.
  • When you need:
    • a big amount of solution (>4000 ml), you have to make an order 3 weekdays before (including milliQ-water!).
    • more than 20 plates, you have to make an order.
  • Reserve at least 3 weekdays delivery time for your order.
  • Bring solutions for autoclaving to the lab 4017 latest 9 o’clock in the morning.
  • Ordering form (PDF)