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University of Helsinki Biocentrum Helsinki Genome Biology Unit

Genome Biology Unit (GBU)


Contact information:

tel: 02-941 25581

Biomedicum Helsinki 1
P.O.Box. 63
Street address:
Haartmaninkatu 8
00014 University of Helsinki
room B319b

Meilahti campus

Vallenius lab

Kaisa Laajanen M Sc

Susanna Räsänen B Sc (pharm)

Tea Vallenius MD, PhD





























































































Two main services:
1. Clones and cloning service
2. Digital slide scanning service (free test slide)

GBU and its role in Biocenter Finland

The Genome Biology Unit (GBU) initiated in 2010, and is a node of Biocenter Finland Genome-wide methods platform (GWM). We provide technology platform services and reagent collections related to genome-scale approaches.

1. Clones and cloning: GBU's reagent collection contains full-length cDNAs (MGC collection) consisting in about 29 000 clones and a library of open reading frames (ORFeome collaboration) consisting in about 18 600 fully verified clones. The ORF library clones are available in Gateway-based entry vectors and we provide cloning service into various Gateway destination vectors for Biocenter Finland research groups. In addition, GBU maintains and distributes knockdown libraries, which are in-house generated shRNA functional sets against 2500 human and mouse genes.

2. Digital slide scanning service: In 2014 GBU started digital slide scanning service (Pannoramic FLASH II, 3DHIstech). We scan both bright-field and fluorescent slides using either 20x or 40x air objectives. The scanner is equipped with z-stack and extended focus options.

In addition: Drug Discovery Unit and GBU joined forces to acquire a confocal High Content Screening (HCS) microscope, which is currently operated through Light Microscope Unit in the Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki.



Clone request form.
Only for Biocenter Finland researchers.



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Last updated

February 2018

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3DHISTECH image analysis software workshops with Lotta Leveelahti
30th January 2018

Saara Ollila is joining GBU in the beginning of 2018!

Method Course on Immunohistochemistry and Digital Microscopy (DPBM-116), 1-2 ECTS, Biomedicum 1
17th November 2017
Seminars (open to everyone) and scanner and analysis software demo:
20th November 2017

Presentation in Research Programs Unit annual Science Day
27th October 2017

Following HiLIFE Research Infrastructure Assessment GBU is now part of HiLIFE’s Genome Editing, Function and Stem Cell platform (GoEditStem)
1st August 2017

3DHISTECH image analysis module HistoQuant user training by Lotta Leveelahti
11th April 201

Poster in 3rd Helsinki Chemical Systems Biology Symposium 
13th December 2016, Helsinki

Poster in Translational Cancer Biology Centre of Excellence meeting
29th August 2016, Turku

Presentation in RPU summer seminar 
22nd June 2016, Biomedicum Helsinki

Presentation in Haartman Institute special seminar
14th April 2016

Poster in The 1st Medicum Science Day
10th February 2016

Presentation in Tampere BioMediTech Reseach Day, 4th December 2015

Poster in Biocentrum Helsinki Scientific Meeting 2015, 10th November 2015, Helsinki

GBU and FuGU roadshow:
Tampere, Finn-Medi 1, 28th October 2015 Kuopio, Snellmania
26th October 2015

Poster in Research Programs Unit annual Scientific Day
11th September 2015

Susanna Räsänen substitutes for Niina Roine during her maternity leave

Poster in Translational Cancer Biology Symposium
3rd September 2015

Method course on immunohistochemistry and digital microscopy,
1-1.5 ECTS
Practicals: August 21th,
Lecture for everybody: August 24th 2015, Biomedicum 1

Demo sessions for the slide scanner, 25th and 26th of May, 2015

Poster presentation in The 8th Finnish Cell Biology Symposium
16th-17th April 2015

Presentation in Advanced Molecular Biology Techniques lecture series (Department of biosciences, UH): Gateway system and cDNA libraries at Helsinki University

3rd February 2015

GBU has moved from Viikki to Meilahti campus. New location is: Biomedicum 1,
B319b, 3rd floor

Ryan Murray back in GBU

The 7th Finnish Cell Biology Symposium,
4th April, 2014

Genome Biology research program annual meeting, 31st March, 2014

Method course on immunohistochemistry and digital microscopy,
February 7th, 2014, Viikki

Pannoramic 250 FLASH digital slide scanner arrived.

Mini symposium: Genome scale reagents and services for functional studies,
January 21, Biomedicum,
January 22, 2014, Viikki

Approx. 3500 new clones available!!!