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University of Helsinki Biocentrum Helsinki Genome Biology Unit

Genome Biology Unit (GBU)


Contact information:

tel: 02-941 25581

Biomedicum Helsinki 1
P.O.Box. 63
Street address:
Haartmaninkatu 8
00014 University of Helsinki
room B319b


High-Content Screening (HCS)


Centre for Drug Research and GBU have joined forces to acquire a High Content Screening Microscope that will be operated through Light Microscope Unit.


Harri Jäälinoja


LMU hosts several instruments that can be used for High-Content Screening projects (for more details see HCS instruments at LMU

  1. Leica SP5II HCS-A
    - confocal microscope
    - motorized stage contolled by Matrix Screener software
    - suitable also for live cell work
    - can be set up for Computer Aided Microscopy (CAM)
  2. Thermo Scientific Cellomics CellInsight
    - desktop imaging system for well-plates
    - only for fixed samples
  3. Cell-IQ
    - continuous cell culturing platform
  4. 3i Marianas (see
    - advanced system for multiple imaging techniques
    - can be set up to image well-plates

True confocal HCA system, Leica TCS SP5 II HCS


definiersThe CellInsight and Cell-IQ instruments have their own analysis software. For data collected with other instruments LMU can create a custom solution using both commercial (Imaris, Matlab) and open-source (Fiji, CellProfiler, KNIME) software.


Data handling


LMU can offer different solutions for data management (see LMU Image Storage and Analysis). At the moment, the largest resource available is a 40 TB quota in CSC's Ida system, but this will probably soon be complemented with more local storage from University of Helsinki IT.



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Biomedicum Imaging Unit provides with wide-field imaging (20x) with good stackers (robotic)Cellomics ArrayScan.