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University of Helsinki Biocentrum Helsinki Genome Biology Unit

Genome Biology Unit (GBU)


Contact information:

tel: 02-941 25581

Kaisa Laajanen MSc
Susanna Räsänen B Sc (pharm)
Tea Vallenius MD, PhD

Knockdown reagent: currently available for Biocenter Finland researchers

National knockdown reagents and services:

- FIMM (Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland): ambion human siRNA library (link)
- FuGU (Functional Genomics Unit): Sigma-Aldrich human and mouse lentiviral shRNA knockdown libraries (link)


Biocentrum Helsinki funded in-house generated knockdown sets :

BCH Human and Mouse Knockdown Sets: An shRNA-base knockdown library of ca. 2500 human and mouse genes in functional sets (kinases, GTPases, chromatin modifiers, ubiquitinylation, apoptosis, cytoskeleton) is now available online

Please use the database for most updated info. A summary of a July 2006 version of database is also available in Excel format (5MB).

The BCH_knockdown database can be used for detailed analysis including all targets for a specific gene (layout "Genes", typically 3), GeneSet (e.g. human kinome), and all targets on a specific plate. Please be patient, the web interface gets a bit slow when hundreds to thousand of targets are listed.

The knockdown sets are available as plasmid DNA (100ng/plasmid) or glycerol stocks in 96-well format (100 euros per plate). A summary of the plates and which sets they have is here. Alternatively we offer glycerol stocks (not DNAs) as single picks at a price of 20€/clone.

If you are planning or setting up a screen, the assay to be used needs to be validated for transfection using the BCH Knockdown Setup Kit.

The proprietary library plasmids can be converted to e.g. lentiviral form using Gateway technology, but this is not a service provided within this initiative due to prohibitive costs.


How to order?
- Please send an email to to order or to ask for more details.
- Please also state your billing address in the email.