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University of Helsinki Biocentrum Helsinki Genome Biology Unit

Genome Biology Unit (GBU)


Contact information:

tel: 02-941 25581

Kaisa Laajanen M Sc
Susanna Räsänen B Sc (pharm)
Tea Vallenius MD, PhD


Open reading frame (ORF) and cDNA clones



ORFeome Collaboration (full ORFs in Gateway entry vectors):

human clones 16934
mouse clones 1758

MGC collection (cDNA clones in various vector backbones):

human clones 20 945
mouse clones 8290

Clones in the libraries as glycerol stocks, provided as streaks on bacterial plates.

Links to available clones (excel files):


Only for Biocenter Finland researchers.


  • Fast delivery: 1-3 working days


How to get the clones:

1. Download the excel above

2. Search your gene of interest from the excel

3. Fill the clone request form

4. Send the form to