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ProfessorDr. Alan H. Schulman


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Welcome to the Plant Genome Dynamics Lab

Retrotransposons: central players in the structure, evolution and function of eukaryotes

Sequencing of plant genomes has made clear that the majority are comprised primarily of retrotransposons, which together with the DNA transposons form the most dynamic part of the genome. Transposable elements, as self-mobilizing, independent genetic units, comprise a dynamic, fluid, rapidly evolving segment of the genome.

Research in the group forms several intertwined threads:

1) analysis of the retrotransposon life cycle in the model system barley and its effect on genes and plant phenotype, particularly regarding abiotic stress response;

2) understanding response and resilience to abiotic stresses, especially vapor-pressure deficit, early-season drought, and waterlogging;

3) collaborative genome sequencing and annotation as a tool for understanding the evolutionary role of retrotransposons;

4) use of RTN insertions and other polymorphisms to positionally clone disease- and stress-resistance genes, as well as to reconstruct phylogenies.