Hietakangas lab

How does animal growth and metabolism respond to changes in nutrient content?

What kind of signaling pathways and gene regulatory networks respond to specific nutrients and what are their physiological roles?

How defects in these nutrient-sensing mechanisms contribute to human disease?

Our group studies responses to changing nutritional conditions in physiological setting. Our main interests are cellular signalling and gene regulation, which respond to systemic carbohydrate and amino acid levels and regulate tissue growth and metabolic homeostasis. We are also interested in understanding how genes define the limits of healthy diet utilization, for example tolerance to dietary sugars.

Contact information

Ville Hietakangas
Group leader, PhD
Associate Professor
Tel. +358 2941 58001
e-mail: ville.hietakangas (at)

Department of Biosciences (Genetics)
Institute of Biotechnology
P.O.Box. 56, 00014 University of Helsinki
Street address: Viikinkaari 9, Biocenter 1