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Institute of Biotechnology
P.O.Box 56
(Visiting address: Viikinkaari 5d)
00014 University of Helsinki

Tel +358 2941 59921
Fax +358 2941 59366

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Identity Code: FI-03134717

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Digital microscopy scanner service: 3DHISTECH Scanner

Digitalize your slides

  • High throughput bright field scanning for microscopy slides
  • Capable of scanning 250 sides / run
  • Automatic slide loading, previewing, barcode reading and scanning
  • Utilizes 4MP CMOS camera with 130 fps speed
  • 0,24 um/pixel resolution with the combined 20X/0.8 NA objective (equivalent to 40X  magnification)
  • Free software for viewing (Pannoramic Viewer)

Dr. Pia-Runeberg-Roos
Dr. Mikko Airavaara
M.Sc. Katrina Albert
Technician Paula Collin-Olkkonen

Institute of Biotechnology, Histoscanner, BIO 2, room 6024B (Viikinkaari 5D),  00014 UH

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