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High impact research and renowned scientists

The Institute of Biotechnology (BI) at the University of Helsinki is an independent research institute.

BI is at the global forefront of research on cytoskeletal dynamics, the execution and evolution of morphogenetic programmes, plant, animal and microbial genomics, organelle biology, viral structure and function, and the molecular physiology of the nervous system.

BI pioneered and maintains research infrastructures that constitute Finland’s premier technology platforms for biological imaging, proteomics, protein structure and biophysics, sequencing, genomics and biocomputing.

We develop practical applications from discovery science, and commercialize them via startups. We are working on new strategies to combat neurodegeneration and metabolic disease, and improve pathogen resistance in crop plants. And we engage the public, to raise awareness of scientific issues affecting society.


Jukka Jernvall decorated as Commander of the Order of the Lion of Finland

Academy Professor Jukka Jernvall has been decorated as Commander of the Order of the Lion of Finland.

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Jukka Jernvall




Research news

EUR 150,000 grant for ALS-related research to Merja Voutilainen

Dr. Merja Voutilainen has been granted a three-year research grant by the University of Helsinki. Merja Voutilainen’s research team studies CDNF/MANF family of neurotrophic factors in neurodegenerative diseases and their relation to endoplasmic reticulum stress.


Merja Voutilainen


Research news

CIMED Junior Investigator grant for Jaan-Olle Andressoo

Research team leader Jaan-Olle Andressoo has been selected for CIMED Junior Investigator grant. His project title is Gene knock-up via 3'UTR targeting to treat Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease.The grant is 3 million SEK (about 310,000 EUR) a year for five years.


Jaan-Olle Andressoo


Research news

A non-proliferative signaling center kicks off tooth development

Despite extensive research on the molecular regulation of early tooth development, little is known about the cellular mechanisms driving morphogenesis prior to enamel knot formation. In a recent study, published with a spotlight in Journal of Cell Biology, researchers Laura Ahtiainen and Isa Uski from the research groups of Marja Mikkola and Irma Thesleff tackle this conundrum. Their findings imply that the early signaling center is essential for tooth budding morphogenesis and is an important determinant of the tooth size.


Tooth development


Research news

Alternative oxidase from a marine animal combats bacterial sepsis

Mitochondrial alternative oxidase from a sea-squirt works as a safety valve for stressed mitochondria. This property enables it to stop the runaway inflammatory process that leads to multiple organ failure and eventual death in bacterial sepsis.



Research news

One step forward in developing drugs against sepsis-causing virus in newborns

Resolving the high-resolution structure of a parechovirus by Sarah Butcher's group helps the development of antiviral drugs.



Research news

Wasabi visualises Ensembl genome browser data

Sequence data visualisation tool Wasabi, developed by Ari Löytynoja group, is now used by the world's largest genome browser Ensembl. Wasabi also works on mobile devices.



Research news

Institute of Biotechnology joins HiLIFE as an operative unit in 2017

Helsinki Institute of Life Science HiLIFE is a new life science research center at the University of Helsinki. HiLIFE enhances high quality research, and integrates life science strengths across our campuses. At the beginning of 2017 the Institute of Biotechnology, the Institute of Molecular Medicine Finland, and the Neuroscience Center will join HiLIFE as operative units continuing their  instrumental roles in developing a strong international research environment in their focus areas and bring in important expertise in recruitment, training, core facilities, innovation, and international cooperation. 

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Research news

Hairs, feathers and scales have a lot in common

Hairs in mammals, feathers in birds and scales in reptiles share a common ancestry. Finnish and Swiss biologists evidenced molecular and micro-anatomical signatures that are identical between hairs, feathers, and scales at their early developmental stages.



Research news

Professor Pekka Lappalainen is a new member of EMBO
June 1, 2016

European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO) has newly elected 58 outstanding researchers in the life sciences to its membership. Amongst the new members is Professor Pekka Lappalainen. The EMBO Membership currently comprises more than 1700 life scientists.



Research news

A novel regulator of hair follicle stem cell specification identified

Adult tissue-specific stem cells are intensively studied, but how they are established during development is poorly understood.



Research news

Pekka Lappalainen receives prestigious Human Frontier Science Program grant

Research director Pekka Lappalainen and his colleagues from France and USA have been awarded a three-year grant worth over one million USD to research filopodia formation mechanism.





State-of-the-art core facilities

Core units

The Institute has the-state-of-the-art core facilities, which are shared both
locally as well as nationally as part of Biocenter Finland and are also popular among enterprises in the life sciences area.

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