Kajander lab

Structural biology of neuronal adhesion molecules and membrane proteins

**we are interested in undergrad student projects / M.Sc thesis projects are available.**


People in the lab (5/2016)

Tommi Kajander, Ph.D., PI, 

Sudeep Karki, M.Sc.

Maryna Chukhlieb, Ph.D. post doctoral associate

Satoshi Fudo, Ph.D. Post doctoral fellow (JSPS and Academy of Finland exchange program)

Celeste Sele, Ph.D., post doctoral associate (crystallization core and adhesion proteins)

Seija Mäki, Laboratory techician (crystallization core)


Crystallization Core Facility:



Institute of Biotechnology

Biocenter 3, Viikinkaari 1

4th floor / PO BOX 65

University of Helsinki,

00014 Helsinki, Finland

+358-2941-58904 / +358-050-4480991

firstname.lastname @ helsinki.fi