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We are looking for talented people at all levels (undergraduate pro-gradu, graduate student, post-doctoral fellow) who are interested in different aspects of protein homeostasis regulation. A major focus is on understanding how select proteins on the secretory pathway influence the biogenesis of a subset of Sec61 client proteins. Additionally we use small-molecule natural products to gain insight into the functions of different important protein homeostasis regulators and to explore their inhibition for therapeutic potential. Ideal candidates would have experience or interest to learn about protein x-ray crystallography, membrane protein biochemistry, lentiviral systems and next-generation sequencing methods.

Applicants should send their CV to:

Ville Paavilainen, PhD, Docent
ville.paavilainen @

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Paavilainen Lab

4th Floor, Room# 4217

Biokeskus 3, Viikinkaari 1, 00790, Helsinki