Paavilainen Lab

Research team

Ville Paavilainen, PhD, Docent,
Group Leader

Ville studied regulation of actin dynamics in the lab of Prof. Pekka Lappalainen (Univ of Helsinki). As a postdoc with Prof Jack Taunton (UC-San Francisco) he worked on structure-guided design of covalent-reversible protein inhibitors, and the use of natural product-inspired small molecules to interrogate mechanisms co-translational protein translocation. In his own lab he uses methods of structural biology, biophysics and cell biology to study protein homeostasis network regulation in mammalian cells.

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Anja Paatero, PhD

I did my PhD in the laboratory of prof. Dennis Bamford (University of Helsinki) studying the biochemical function of a bacteriophage genome packaging ATPase. Currently my projects focus on uncovering the cellular targets and the mechanisms of action of several natural-product small molecules, which modulate the co-translational translocation process.

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Juho Kellosalo, PhD

I received my PhD from the University of Helsinki, working on structural and functional characterization of membrane-bound pyrophosphatases. My current research interest is on studying the role of translocation co-factors in the biogenesis of ER-targeted proteins.

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Shahid Rehan, PhD

I have done my Ph.D from University of Oulu, Finland, working on biochemical and biophysical characterization of nucleoside transporters. My research interest is to understand the mechanism of substrate-selective inhibition of protein targeting machinery, using X-ray crystallization and single particle Cryo-EM analysis.

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Dale Tranter, PhD

I completed my Ph.D at the University of Essex in Colchester, UK, investigating the role of interhelical interaction sites in the thermostability of Rhodopsin. I am currently investigating the function of the ER membrane complex in regards to protein biosynthesis, ERAD and lipid metabolism.

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Paul Carlson, M.Sc

I received my master's degree in Biotechnology from the University of Helsinki. For my thesis I worked at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland characterizing the enzyme kinetics and structure of a bacterial dehydratase involved in the oxidation of penose sugars. Currently I'm working as a PhD student at the Paavilainen lab, where my main area of study are the signals in protein primary code (and associated pathways) that target proteins into ER, to be secreted or attached to the plasma membrane, or to various other membrane compartments inside the cell.

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