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Mart Saarma
Tel. +358 50 5002726
Fax. +358 2941 59366
e-mail: mart.saarma-at-helsinki dot fi

Institute of Biotechnology
P.O.Box. 56, 00014 University of Helsinki
Street address: Viikinkaari 5D, Biocenter 2


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Welcome to Mart Saarma lab

We study the molecular and cellular mechanisms of programmed death in the neurons that are controlled by the neurotrophic factors. Our main experimental models are the dissociated or organotypic cultures of the neurons, treated with or deprived of the neurotrophic factors, and transfected with techniques such as direct microinjection, viral transfection etc.

Mart Saarma

Mart Saarma

Institute of Biotechnology
P.O. Box 56 (Viikinkaari 9)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland

Telephone: + +358 50 5002726
E-mail: Mart.Saarma(at)



Research Focus

CDNF/MANF neurotrophic factor family

GDNF family ligands and their receptors

Novel treatments for neurodegenerative diseases

Neurotrophic factors outside nervous system



Academy of Finland
Sigrid Juselius Foundation
Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation
Finnish Diabetes Foundation
University of Helsinki
Institute of Biotechnology
Biocentrum Helsinki
Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's research
Parkinson's UK
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)
EU FP7 Gloria, link to the web page
EU Marie Curie IAPP, FP7, link to web page, link to facebook
TEKES 3iRegeneration
Herantis Pharma Ltd
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