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The Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of the Institute assess the activities of each
research group regularly at four-year intervals. SAB conducts also an assessment of the new group leaders.

The Scientific Advisory Board of the Institute 2015-2018

Professor Joan A. Steitz,
Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry ,
Howard Hughes Medical Institute , Yale University,
New Haven, USA


Professor Miltos Tsiantis, Director,
Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Department of Comparative Development and Genetics
Köln, Germany

Research Professor Marja Jäättelä,
Institute of Cancer Biology at the Danish Cancer Society,
Copenhagen, Denmark

Professor Anne Spang,
Bizentrum, University of Basel

Professor Urban Lendahl,
Institutionen för cell- och moleculärbiology (CMB),
Karolinska Institutet
Stockholm, Sverige

Professor Olivier Pourquie,
Department of Genetics & Pathology
Harvard Medical School
Boston, USA

Professor John E. Walker
MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit
Welcome Trust / MCR Building
Cambridge, United Kingdom

Professor Annalisa Pastore,
MRC/National Institute for Medical Research,
London, United Kingdom

Joint Associate Director and Senior Scientist Ewan Birney
Hinxton, Cambridge, United Kingdom