PhD Theses

Supervisors (in brackets):
IT, Irma Thesleff
JJ, Jukka Jernvall
MM, Marja Mikkola,
LS Lauri Saxén
MJ, Markku Jalkanen
MF, Mikael Fortelius

SP, Sinikka Pirinen

Katja Närhi (2012): Canonical Wnt signaling in hair and mammary gland patterning and development [E-thesis](IT with MM)

Pauliina Munne (2010):  Sostdc1 plays an essential riole in mammalian tooth patterning: Insight into the rodent dental evolution [E-thesis] (JJ with IT)

Marika Suomalainen (2010) : Fine-tuning of the signalling network controlling morphogenesis and stem cell development in teeth [Ethesis] (IT)

Elina Järvinen (2008): Mechanisms and molecular regulation of mammalian tooth replacement [E-thesis] (IT with JJ)

Pekka Nieminen (2007): Molecular  genetics of tooth agenesis [E-thesis] (IT with SP)

Thomas Åberg (2006): The function of Bmps and Runx2 in normal tooth development and in the pathogenesis of cleidocranial dysplasia [E-thesis] (IT)

Johanna Pispa (2004): Ectodysplasin in epithelial morphogenesis: from Tabby to TNF´s [E-thesis] (IT)

Ritva Rice (2004): Molecular regulation of craniofacial bone and palate development [E-thesis] (IT)

Johanna Laurikkala (2004): Molecular mechanisms of ectodermal dysplasia syndromes [E-thesis] (IT)

Tuija Mustonen (2004): Ectodermal organ development: Regulation by Notch and Eda pathways [E-thesis] (IT)

Xiu-Ping Wang (2004): Molecular mechanisms underlying tooth morphogenesis and cell differentiation [E-thesis] (IT)

Mark Tummers (2004): The evolutionary importance of the epithelial stem cell niche during tooth development [E-thesis] (IT)

Sirpa Arte (2001): Phenotypic and genotypic features of familial hypodontia [E-thesis] (SP with IT)

Soile Keränen (2000): The developmental basis for the evolution of muroid dentition: Analysis of gene expression patterns and tooth morphogenesis in the mouse and sibling vole [E-thesis] (JJ with IT)

Päivi Kettunen (1999): Fibroblast growth factors in tooth development (IT)

David Rice (1999):  Molecular mechanisms in calvarial bone and suture development [E-thesis] (IT)

Keijo Luukko (1997): Neuronal cells and neurotrophins in odontogenesis (IT)

Anne Vaahtokari (1996). Molecular mechanisms in embryonic tooth development. (IT)

Jukka Jernvall (1995):  Mammalian molar cusp patterns: Developmental mechanisms of diversity (IT with MF)

Anna-Maija Partanen (1993):  Transferrin, EGF, and their receptors in the development of tooth and other embryonic epithelial-mesenchymal organs. (IT)

Seppo Vainio (1992):  Molecular mechanisms of cell and tissue interactions during early organogenesis. (co-supervised with Lauri Saxén and Markku Jalkanen) (IT with LS, MJ)

Kirsti Hurmerinta  (1982): Cell interaction during tooth development. (IT)