Nuclear Actin Lab

    Contact Information

    Maria Vartiainen
    Group leader, PhD
    Scientific Leader of
    Light Microscopy Unit (LMU)
    Tel. +358 9 191 59419

    Institute of Biotechnology
    P.O.Box. 56,
    00014 University of Helsinki

    Street address: Viikinkaari 9, Biocenter 1
    00790 Helsinki




Actin as an organizer of gene expression

Our lab is interested in how actin regulates gene expression. In the cytoplasm, actin has a well-established role as a component of the cytoskeleton, and plays important roles for example in cell motility and morphology. Nuclear actin has been linked to many processes related to gene expression, such as RNA polymerase function and chromatin remodeling. In addition, actin regulates the activity of specific transcription factors, including SRF. However, the molecular mechanisms by which actin functions during these essential gene expression processes are largely unclear, and the main aim of our lab is therefore to reveal these mechanisms and their biological significance.

Our Research projects:

Regulation of nuclear actin dynamics

Mechanisms of nuclear actin functions and its interactions

Biological significance of nuclear actin



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