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You can send your samples to us by TNT using our account number. Please contact bi-crystallisation at

Automated Protein Crystallisation Service


Crystallography is the method of choice for solving the structure of molecules with the size up to 1 MDa – i. e. all biological structures except cellular organelles. Macromolecular crystallisation requires large amounts of purified protein, and this is often the major bottleneck in structural work.

Robots are key to the expansion of macromolecular crystallography. They can accurately handle nanolitre volumes and so do the crystallisation experiments with only 5-10% of the protein required for manual setup. The small drops also equilibrate faster allowing faster analysis of the results.

For each 96-formatted screen, we ask you to provide 20 ul of the concentrated protein sample. We prepare the sample for the crystallisation, dispense all crystallisation solutions and the protein drops on the crystallisation plate, seal plates and image the experiment. You will get an access to the program PiXray  to look at the images and the history of each drop. A more detailed description of our services can be found here .

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