Cell Biology

The Cell Biology Program aims at stimulating interaction between research groups addressing basic questions on the structure and function of eukaryotic cells. The participating groups of the program represent a wide spectrum of modern molecular cell biological research:

* Biogenesis and regulation of cellular structures
* Vesicle-mediated transport
* Cytoskeleton
* Molecular mechanisms of cellular communication and intracellular signaling

The program organizes monthly seminars, called Cell Biology Club, on the Viikki campus where PhD students, postdocs and new group leaders tell about their results. We also organize the Annual Finnish Cell Biology Symposium where cell biologist from the whole country have the chance to meet and present their research projects.

Cell Biology Club
Annual Finnish Cell Biology Symposium

Eeva-Liisa Eskelinen

Tea Vallenius


Airavaara, Mikko
Eskelinen, Eeva-Liisa

Fagerholm, Susanna
Finne, Jukka
Frilander, Mikko
Gahmberg, Carl
Hielm-Björkman Anna
Hotulainen, Pirta
Jokitalo, Eija
Katajisto, Pekka
Korhola, Matti
Kukkonen, Jyrki

Laiho, Marikki
Lappalainen, Pekka

Mäkelä, Tomi
Ojala, Päivi
Rauvala, Heikki
Rivera, Claudio
Rönnholm, Ragna
Siljander, Pia
Vallenius, Tea
Vartiainen, Maria
Yliperttula, Marjo
Light Microscopy Unit (Dr. Kimmo Tanhuanpää)
Leica confocal, Image manipulation workstation, Bio-rad confocal, Till imaging system