Cell Biology Club Autumn 2017

The Cell Biology Club seminar series will be organized on selected Thursdays at 14.15-15.30. Coffee is served at 14.00. Everybody welcome!

21.9.2017    Biocenter 2, Hall 1015

  • Cory Dunn (Institute of Biotechnology): Targeting of tail-anchored proteins to mitochondria

12.10.2017  Biocenter 2, Hall 1015

  • Fred Michon (Institute of Biotechnology): The cornea-lacrimal gland synergy: crucial factor for evolution and maintenance of the camera-type eyes

16.11.2017 Biocenter 2, Hall 1015

  • Jinghua Gui (Institute of Biotechnology): Scribble senses mechanical stress to regulate epithelial cell proliferation
  • Sharif Iqbal (Institute of Biotechnology): Novel approaches for studying the ECM-epithelium interactions 

7.12.2017    Biocenter 2, Hall 1015

  • Anneliis Iherman-Hella (Institute of Biotechnology, Kuure group): TBA
  • Katarzyna Ciuba (Institute of Biotechnology, Lappalainen group): Regulation of stress fiber assembly and contractility by calponin

Organiser: Dr Susanna Fagerholm (Institute of Biotechnology & Department of Biosciences)