Developmental Biology

This research program includes six research groups belonging to the Developmental Biology Research Program of the Institute of Biotechnology. It was elected as a Center of Excellence by the Finnish Academy for years 2002-2007.

The program includes eight research groups with a staff of 45 people. The research aims at clarifying the molecular mechanisms of embryonic development. In particular the groups focus on the signals whereby cells communicate in developing embryos and which regulate the advancing morphogenesis of organs and differentiation of cells and tissues. Five groups use the mouse as the model animal and two use the fruit fly Drosophila.

In addition to providing a fruitful environment for research training, the program is responsible for the graduate teaching program in developmental biology at the Viikki Biocenter.

Irma Thesleff

Juha Partanen

Frilander, Mikko Mikkola, Marja
Ciudad, Isaac Salazar
Di-Poi, Nicolas
Partanen, Juha
Pirvola, Ulla
Heino, Tapio Salminen, Marjo
Iivanainen, Antti Shimmi, Osamu
Katajisto, Pekka Thesleff, Irma
Jernvall, Jukka Yliperttula, Marjo
Kaynak, Bogac