Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Research Program brings together researchers interested in how ecological and evolutionary dynamics are played out in natural populations. The represented research fields include behavioural ecology, community ecology, conservation planning, evolutionary genetics, host-parasite coevolution, mathematical biology, metapopulation biology, and urban ecology. The research themes of the PIs belonging to the program encompass scales that range from molecules, to individuals, populations and species communities with both basic and applied approaches.

The program aims to facilitate interactions and collaboration among researchers. We arrange a weekly Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) Research Seminar that features both national and international top scientists. Everyone from students, to post docs and senior researchers are warmly welcome to join the seminar!

Anna-Liisa Laine                               

Heikki Hirvonen

Candolin, Ulrika
Cabeza-Jaimejuan Mar
Fewer, David
Hanski, Ilkka
Hirvonen, Heikki
Kotze, Johan
Laine Anna-Liisa

Löytynoja, Ari
Merilä, Juha
Moilanen, Atte
Niemelä, Jari
Ovaskainen, Otso
Roslin, Tomas
Van Nouhuys, Saskya