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Postdoctoral Research Associate position available in the Laboratory of Alcoholism and Addictions Neuroscience at Washington State University. Highly motivated candidates with a strong work ethic and published experience using pharmacological, immunohistochemical, molecular or genetic/epigenetic approaches to understand and/or modify behavior are urged to apply. Deadline for applications is November 15, 2018.

Open postdoctoral researcher position (synthetic biology, antibody technology, antibody drug development) at the University of Helsinki. We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher to join our team in the field of molecular & cellular biology/biochemistry. Project goals include improvements of in-vitro antibody generation technologies and the generation of antibodies. (10.10.2018)

A postoctoral fellow postiion is available in the laboratory of Dr. Will Birdsong in the Edward F. Domino Research Center in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Michigan. This NIH funded position will focus on applying electrophysiological, pharmacological, and imaging techniques to study opioid modulation of pain and reward circuitry. (15.10.2018)

Open position for a post-doctoral fellow and a PhD candidate (or bioinformatician/computational biologist) in the field of functional genomics at the University of Helsinki. Research Programs Unit of the Faculty of Medicine is a top-quality research environment at the University of Helsinki, a leading European university with a strong life science research, and cancer research in particular. We are seeking a highly motivated and talented individual for working in the field of functional epigenomics. The focus of the lab is to investigate the interplay between transcription factors and oncogenes using modern genome-wide methods for regulatory genomic features and chromatin architecture. (17.10.2018)

Open position for a motivated postdoctoral researcher is available in virology/biochemistry/cell biology in the laboratory of Tero Ahola, University of Helsinki, starting immediately (November 2018), or later by agreement. Funding is available until August 2021. The group is part of the new Department of Microbiology on Viikki Campus. Deadline for applications is November 30, 2018, but the position may be filled immediately when a suitable candidate has been found.

Several postdoctoral positions are available in the group of Taija Mäkinen at Uppsala University. The lab studies fundamental mechanisms of tissue morphogenesis in the vascular system. The aim is to understand how endothelial cells communicate with each other and the tissue environment to co-ordinate vascular morphogenesis and formation of functionally specialized blood and lymphatic vessel types. The position is open until December 28, 2018, or until suitable candidate(s) is found.

Postdoctoral position at the Department of Human Genetics (Leiden University Medical Centre) has an NWO-funded postdoctoral position available in the group of Lucia Daxinger to investigate epigenetic regulation in health and disease. We are looking for an enthusiastic and driven individual with a recent PhD degree in Molecular Biology, Genetics or related studies. Applicants should have a strong research background in epigenetics, a demonstrated publication record –with at least 1 first author paper published or in press- and show critical and independent thinking. Experience with stem cell culture and the analysis, interpretation and integration of next generation sequencing data will be a distinct advantage. (30.10.2018)

The Adolescent Behavioral Health Research Group at the Indiana University School of Medicine  is recruiting a Post-Doctoral Fellow in neuroimaging research. The work focuses on risky decision making in youth (drugs of abuse, risky sexual behavior and suicide). (6.11.2018)

Open position for a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, Maryland, USA. The Fellow will investigate molecular mechanisms involved in RNA metabolism relevant to cytoplasmic RNA polymerase III (cyto-Pol III)-mediated innate immune mRNA induction and metabolism. Candidates must hold a Ph.D. or M.D. and have less than 5 years postdoctoral experience.  (7.11.2018)

Postdoctoral positions at the Center for Cancer Research, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Department of Medicine, Harvard Medical School. The Bar-Peled Lab is now recruiting new lab members. Research in our lab sits at the interface of cellular metabolism and signal transduction and focuses on understanding how cancer cells respond to altered metabolic states. (8.11.2018)

Multiple Postdoctoral Fellow Positions in Epigenetics, human iPS cells, Hematopoietic Stem Cell Biology, Bioengineering, and Blood Cancers: Columbus, OH, United States. The Shah laboratory provides a dynamic microenvironment that offers excellent opportunities for intellectual exchange and collaborations among investigators from diverse fields. Positions are reviewed on a rolling basis and open until March 31, 2019.