Food and Nutrition

The Food Science Research Program  brings together research groups of food chemistry,
food microbiology, food technology, food biotechnology and nutrition. It focuses on two
main areas, i.e., 1) food quality and healthy nutrition and 2) food production chains.

Food quality and healthy nutrition.  The impact of food constituents and their reactions
on healthiness and taste of food is investigated. We also focus on factors, which are
associated with the choice of food and impact of diet in sustaining health. The following
questions are thus studied:  bioactive compounds and dietary fibre and their reactions;
chemical food safety; microbial quality of food; heritability and changes of  food
preferences in different consumer segments ; nutrition and health from both
epidemiological and experimental points of view.

Food production chains. Food processing, especially management of the processing  chain
of domestic food raw materials is on focus.  The questions studied include, e.g:
production and optimising  levels of health beneficial compounds using bioprocessing;
properties of food constituents, their reactions and interactions in food matrices;
maintaining chemical, microbiological, nutritional and sensory quality.

Viikki Food Science Seminars

Vieno Piironen

Christel Lamberg-Allardt

Heinonen Marina
Hielm-Björkman Anna
Lamberg-Allardt Christel

Mutanen Marja
Piironen Vieno
Salovaara Hannu
Saris Per
Tenkanen Maija
Tuorila Hely
Varmanen Pekka