The Research programme in Microbiology brings together researchers that study microbes, including bacteria, fungi and viruses, and their interaction with host organisms and the environment. Represented in the programme are groups with a wide variety of research interests: from structural and molecular biology to microbial ecology. Examples of aspects covered by the Programme are ecology, physiology, taxonomy, biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology of viruses, archae, bacteria and fungi, and microbe-host interactions. The degree of basic and applied research varies considerably within the Programme. Applications of microbes in basic research and industry are represented by e.g. use of microbial bioactive compounds in medicine and biocatalysis, impacts of beneficial and pathogenic microbes and their metabolites on man, in food and nutrition, and in various natural and man-made environments.

The Research programme in Microbiology arranges meetings to give opportunities to create new contacts and change information between member groups. The aims of the Programme are e.g. to coordinate, inform about, and arrange upcoming seminars and lectures intended for students in microbiology. The programme facilitates research and teaching through the arrangement of common core facilities, microbial literature and journals.

The Research programme in Microbiology is the only organized multidisciplinary meeting forum for microbiologists in the Viikki Biocenter.

Elina Roine

David Fewer

Asiegbu, Fred Pirhonen, Minna
Björkroth, Johanna Roine, Elina
Fewer, David Romantschuk, Martin
Finne, Jukka Salkinoja-Salonen, Mirja
Hatakka, Annele Saris, Per
Hänninen, Marja-Liisa Sivonen, Kaarina
Korhola, Matti Taira, Suvi
Korhonen, Timo Timonen, Sari
Lindström, Kristina Varmanen, Pekka
Lundell, Taina Virta, Marko
Palva, Airi Westerlund-Wikström, Benita
Palva, Tapio Yrjälä, Kim