Plant Biology

The Research Program in Plant Biology brings together nearly 100 researchers dedicated to plant research in the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, and in the Institute of Biotechnology. The Program aims to encourage collaborative interaction and to synergize research, not only in the basic research of plant functions on the molecular and cellular levels and of plant interactions with the biotic and abiotic environment, but also in the biotechnological applications of such research.
We arrange a monthly seminar Plant Club for postdocs and graduate students in house and a larger seminar once every 18 months where group leaders are presenting their research.

Tapio Palva

Kurt Fagerstedt


Aphalo, Pedro
Brosche, Mikael
Elomaa, Paula
Fagerstedt, Kurt
Hatakka, Annele
Heino, Pekka
Helariutta, Yrjö
Hiltunen, Raimo
Himanen, Kristiina
Hytönen, Timo
Hänninen, Heikki
Kangasjärvi, Jaakko
Korpelainen, Helena
Kotilainen, Mika
Kärkönen, Anna
Li, Jing

Lundell, Taina
Mäkelä, Pirjo
Mäkinen, Kristiina
Overmyer, Kirk
Palva, Tapio
Pirhonen, Minna
Saarilahti, Hannu
Schulman, Alan
Stoddard, Fred
Taira, Suvi
Teeri, Teemu
Timonen, Sari
Valkonen, Jari
Vuorela, Heikki
Wrzaczek, Michael