Structural Biology

The Research Program in Structural Biology encompasses research groups dedicated to structural biology and biophysics research in the Faculty of Biosciences and in the Institute of Biotechnology.

Structural Biology uses interdisciplinary approaches and state-of-the-art technology to investigate the structural basis for biological function and dynamics of biomolecules and biomolecular complexes and assemblies. A broad range of biophysical techniques, including x-ray crystallography, electron microscopy, NMR and other forms of spectroscopy and computational methods, is represented within the program.

The Program promotes collaboration and has emphasis on research training.

Perttu Permi

Dennis Bamford

Annila Arto Kajander. Tommi
Bamford, Dennis Keinänen, Kari
Butcher, Sarah Permi, Perttu
Goldman, Adrian Sivonen, Kaarina
Haltia, Tuomas Varjosalo. Markku
Heikinheimo, Pirkko Wikström, Mårten
Iwai, Hideo Xhaard, Henri